Reach any goal – step by step

Tell anyone trying to make a lifestyle change to take it slowly, step by step and you’ve lost them. “Lose 10kg in 10 days” sounds way better than “lose 10kg in 10 months”, doesn’t it? But is it better?
Zaidi emphasises harmony with nature, over quick-fixes, because if we are made in the image of God [Spirit/Nature/Love] then aligning with the same is our path of least resistance.
Harmonizing with nature is like riding a wave, all you have to do is catch the wave and its exhilarating power carries you the whole way through (as long as you don’t “wobble”).
It’s the connection with that exhilarating power that I want more than anything.
I admit,I would like to change the amount of weight I am carrying that, it’s so frustrating. I can’t seem to seperate it from my idea of who I am.  How can I love myself more so that my weight does not become my self-worth and I can begin to treat my body like it was my beloved?
What does polepole have to do with it?
Step by step in Swahili, polepole is about breaking down a big goal into 3 small pitstops on the journey to the goal. E.g. when I drive home, I know I’m on my way when I get to the freeway, I know I’m almost there when the yellow grass turns green and I know I’m home when it gets humid from the Ocean breeze. This is still 30 minutes from the gate.  These little goalposts are such cheerleaders when the journey is long and more than that, they let you know that you are on the path.
So what are my goal posts for losing weight, gaining physical and mental power in 10 months? break it down into 3 months chunks.
First 3 months:
  1. I know I’m on my way when my gym and wholesome eating is regular | 30 days
  2. I know I’m almost there when when I reach the half way point | 45 days
  3. I know I’m “home” when I reach the end of the program.  | 90 days
Suddenly 3 months doesn’t look so bad.
– zaidi

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